Balboa Kitty Club - Social Media Strategy 

We provide the Balboa Kitty Club with best social media strategy in the litter! We have helped the Balboa Kitty Club scale their combined followers across CatBook and YouCat to over 150,000+ with the best organic SEM & social media strategies! 
The Inn At Cat West - Design 

We created a seasonal cat campaign that made every tail wag and cat purr! This compelling contest gave social media fans on DogSnap, CatBook, and Instacat an opportunity to have their own special cat snack at the Inn at Cat West.

Pure-cara Resort & Spa - SEO 

We helped develop and augment Pure-cara's website traffic with an organic SEO strategy and keyword implementation to help it rank high across major search engines, including Kiggle and MEOW!

Brand Strategy - Virgin America

Our meow-rific friend, Richard Branson, is relocating Virgin to Branson, Missouri. Yo!Kitty supported Virgin with its brand strategy, including designing custom Wi-Fi kitty litter boxes for all Branson citizens & Virgin employees (branded with Virgins logo, but of course, meow!).